John Verity plays Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross on Saturday 2nd May 2020 at 9.00pm for Mundell Music.


John Verity, the man and musician who is ‘Blue to his soul’ and for years one of the most consistent performers on the blues rock circuit will be celebrating in 2020/21 The 50th Anniversary of the very first incarnation of his band. Opening for Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and others in the USA in 1970 and then later with Argent, he spent time in the studio recording and guesting with amongst many others; Saxon The Zombies, Colin Blunstone and Ringo Starr.  John is currently experiencing a musical renaissance through live appearances throughout the country with his current band and receiving rave reviews wherever they go:-

‘However, what was to follow dwarfed all comers at the festival:-The John Verity Band! A CV that, frankly, almost makes one sceptical. I mean to say, appearances with Jimi Hendrix, Ringo Starr, Mountain and head honcho of bona fide global rock stars Argent! And yet, it seems more than likely that John Verity has grown into his talent and has developed greater access to himself. How could anyone fail to be thrilled on the simple basis of what they saw unfold before them on the night? Of course, the hits were in attendance and you can’t fail with proven chart successes but nobody could dispute the sheer artistry, passion and almost naïve love for the music that he and his band were serving up. The last Hendrixesque valediction reluctantly signalled that, all too soon it was over.’ 

Blues Matters Review from Radford Mill Festival of R & B 2019

‘A hugely talented blues guitarist, a genuine rock legend, an engaging stage personality with a nice line in self-deprecation and a really, really tight and together band, it is well worth catching John Verity on one of his frequent tours.’ 

Eastbourne Theatre 2019.