A Special Treat For ALL Genesis Fans. Friday 25th & Saturday 26th September. Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross. Two DIFFERENT Sets. They Even Bring Their Own Light Show! Buy Friday Tickets. Buy Saturday Tickets. Look At The Video Below And Read The Review!!!

Friday is Genesis only long songs
Saturday is Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike and the Mechanics HITS

MAMA plays the music of British supergroup Genesis and some pieces by former members. The band is based in the UK and currently plays 20-25 shows a year at venues across the country.

Four of the five band members are based in the North West England area, the fifth lives in Suffolk! We are led by front man and lead vocalist John Wilkinson, highly acclaimed for his ability to deliver on the Phil Collins vocal sound of Genesis with power, passion and total precision. On keyboards, the band benefits from the technical wizardry of John Comish. Stunning guitars are provided by Mark Comish, backed up with the rock solid technical playing of James Cooper on drums and David Jones on bass.

Our philosophy is very simple…we are not trying to BE Genesis..we are just five part time musician Genesis fans, aided and abetted by helper fans (more of you would be very welcome!) and a loyal crew, playing for other fans…”Simples!”

We are coming up on 3 years old as we go in to 2015 and have some great venues lined up for this year, so if you are a Genesis/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/Rutherford/Banks etc fan or only have a passing interest in their music don’t get hung up on the tribute thing…just come along, catch one of us for a chat and have a good time!


“From the minute I sat down, my jaw just dropped open and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end…for 2 hours!! Quite simply put, it was the most professional, engaging, musically accomplished performance I have seen in a long time. Everyone put a shift in and the outcome was 2 hours of near perfect replication of a fantastic array of Genesis and Genesis related material. You my friend are very entertaining and WOW! do you sound like Phil Collins.”e greatest compliment I can pay you is that if I closed my eyes I could have been listening to Genesis. And I don’t mean live. I mean CD quality – such was the rich sound and attention to detail. I’m a Genesis fan of sorts. I like their material but I don’t listen to it regularly. Your show has whetted my appetite. Today, I will mostly be listening to Genesis. Just outstanding. Thank you to you and the rest of the lads.”
Asa, NWB website