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Vincent Flatts Final Drive


Nov 26 Fri
Vincent Flatts Final Drive9:00 PM
The Muirs, Kinross
All Ages
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It's been some time since Vincent Flatts laid down "new" music. And, if you know anything about the band, and it's inimitable frontman Bertie, you'll probably be able to guess why. If not, let's just say these things take time. 

The album's title, Back in the Saddle, acknowledges Bertie getting back to "work" after taking some time out between 2016 and 2018. While the songs are covers, each represents something to him at this time in his life. So, it's more than just a hotchpotch. There's a story amid the chaos. 

But all you need to know is this: there's blues, there's booze-infused tunes and there's a bollock-load of boogie. 

So, purchase your copy now and get it down ya!