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Long Earth


Jun 4 Fri
Long Earth9:00 PM
The Muirs, Kinross
All Ages
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Long Earth is a prog rock band from Scotland. Coming together through a series of unexpected but fortunate events, five musicians, some of whom had played together decades earlier in Scottish prog stalwarts Abel Ganz, who just wanted to create good music and have fun. By strange coincidence, Mike, Ken, Gordon, Renaldo and Hew all played at the same Glasgow Festival in the 80s...but in 3 different bands 


Mike Baxter (Keyboards) a feature of the vibrant Glasgow music scene since the late 70s, notably with Shoot The Moon, Glas Clas and Identity Crisis amongst many others. It was during Mike’s time with Identity Crisis that he played with Gordon, rehearsing and recording in Edinburgh.

Gordon Mackie (Bass) has a background in music spanning more than 40 years. During the ’80’s he provided the bottom end and drive for Cry Wolf and seminal Glasgow prog rock band Abel Ganz. Gordon recorded “Gullible’s Travels” with Ganz and played a lot of great live gigs throughout Scotland including the Kelvingrove Festival. Moving into the ’90’s, following a move to Edinburgh, a chance meeting in a supermarket saw Gordon hooking up with Mike in Identity Crisis.
Ken Weir (Drums & Percussion was the original drummer in Abel Ganz recording “Gratuitous Flash” and “Gullible’s Travels” along with Hew Montgomery and Gordon Mackie - the band also featuring Martin Haggarty for a while. Thirty years later, the four of them would work together again in Long Earth. Ken’s sister Connie is also responsible for Long Earth’s artwork.
Renaldo McKim (Guitar) joined Long Earth at the latter stages of the recording of debut album “The Source” – Renaldo has played with many bands over the years, latterly with Suicide Underground and now Long Earth.

Martin Haggarty (Vocals) formed Glasgow Indie outfit Lost Weekends in 1983, before joining Abel Ganz where he replaced Alan Reed, who had left for Pallas. Martin then joined short-lived proggers Masque in 1986, before forming Field of Vision in 1987. After 4 years, FoV took a hiatus that lasted until 2013, when the 3 core members reformed to write new music, some of which featured on 2015’s Viccissitudes of Life EP, and 2016 single The Dagger. Field of Vision continue to write and record as a studio-only project, but with a desire to return to live music and a surplus of musical ideas, the opportunity to join some former bandmates in Long Earth was too good to resist.

The final cog in the wheel is Hew Montgomery, (Abel Ganz / Comedy Of Errors / Grand Tour) who has been a good friend and confidante to Long Earth, and co-producer of The Source and new album Once Around the Sun