Backwoods Creek play Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross on Saturday 9th May 2020 at 9.00pm for Mundell Music.

Tickets £18

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“These guys are f*****g badass man, BADASS”. – Lewis Brice

Heartland, Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll? You can call them whatever you want as Backwoods Creek are constantly pushing the envelope with their unique sound. Drawing on inspiration and tipping their hats to influences including; Whiskey Myers, Zac Brown Band, & John Mayer, whilst raising the horns up to the likes of Led Zeppelin and Avenged Sevenfold, it’s clear to see just how diverse their musical backgrounds are.
The lineup you see today rose from the beginnings of 2017 with Jamie, Yannick and Kamil reuniting with former bass player Jack, bringing in Dean to complete the unit. “Their great relationship shines through and the energy is infectious – they always get the crowd singing along.”1

With the loss of best friend Chris who truthfully was the most influential member of the band, their relationship and sense of responsibility was strengthened. Honouring this, their two 2018 singles ‘Keep Off The Grass’ and ‘When I Grow Up’ broke into the Top 10 & Top 5 on the iTunes Country Chart, respectively. With the highly anticipated release of 2018’s ‘It’s About Time’ EP, it was the fuel that started the fire and as the title suggests was an important mark in charging a huge leap in the right direction of them getting sh*t done.

Following this, it’s no surprise that Backwoods Creek are continuously playing as many shows as possible, carving out their path around the UK. Unashamedly ready to make you sing, laugh and cry; equipped with an attitude beyond their current years, this quintet are picking up the pieces and mixing them real strong, one show at a time. From Camden’s renowned Jazz Café, The Stables in Milton Keynes, to your local bar, these boys always set out and prove to make any room come to life, no matter the size.
“We wanna have just as much fun as everyone who’s there in the crowd!”

Festival seasons have seen numerous performances at AEG’s prestigious Country2Country and sharing stages with William Michael Morgan and Lewis Brice at Manchester’s own Buckle & Boots makes these boys very fortunate in learning from some of the best around.

With fully written & recorded songs stacking up, the band are set to release a constant flow of new material throughout the next 12 months which they hope will further increase their snowball and see them venturing outside of the UK for the first time.

Get yourself down to Backstage in Kinross to see the show, just make sure you’ve got the feel-good pills ready for the morning.