Sinnerboy play Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross on Sunday afternoon on the 29th September at 2.00pm for EMS / Mundell Music.

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A Manchester-based Rory Gallagher tribute band playing with passion and fire and spanning all of Rory’s career.

BARRY BARNES and SINNERBOY are more than just a tribute to Irish music legend Rory Gallagher. They are the very essence of Rory’s sound, passion, talent and dedication to his craft – a performance that must be seen.

Originally hailing from Manchester and formed almost 20 years ago, the three-piece Sinnerboy are widely loved and respected by the worldwide ‘Rory Family’ of Gallagher followers and have built up a solid reputation as a headline act for Rory Tribute Festivals across Europe. Regular tours and electrifying performances across Europe and the USA have made the name Sinnerboy synonymous with showcasing the best of Rory Gallagher’s music.

Sinnerboy play Backstage at Kinross For Mundell Music