Mundell Music Presents

Sari Schorr & Jim Kirkpatrick


Dec 6 Wed
Sari Schorr & Jim Kirkpatrick8:00 PM
Backstage at The Green Hotel, Kinross
All Ages
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As the sold-out crowd piled in, around 8 pm, our first act of the evening, Sari Schorr, alongside her guitarist, Jim Kirkpatrick, took to the stage. Besides checking out a few of her songs on the ride up, which I thoroughly enjoyed, this was my first time experiencing her live. And my god, was I blown away!

Sari exudes sheer brilliance and raw emotion in her vocals. Tonight’s performance was purely Sari and Kirkpatrick on acoustic guitar duties, and I must say she brings the same power into this setting as in a full band setup. An incredible set by this power duo that certainly started the evening right! They ended on a great version of the Status Quo number, Down, Down.