EMS Presents

Full House


Nov 10 Fri
Full House9:00 PM
Backstage at The Green Hotel, Kinross
All Ages
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Keeping the Music of Frankie Miller Alive

With Ray, Steve & Tex all having played with Frankie and Andy having played on the Double Take album and then we found Gregor who when he sings sounds just like Frankie we now have a great band that will amaze you all. 

The bands shows have received critical acclaim l. The band are just finishing off a new album due for release in 2023 along with a lot more shows as Fullhouse return and go full steam ahead and are ready to blow you away.

Frankie Miller, born on 2nd November 1949, raised in the east end of Glasgow. Growing up with a passion for the Blues, rock n' roll and Soul music of the 60's. Artists, who not only performed, but who were Songwriters, Artists such as Ray Charles, Bobby Bland, Otis Redding and Little Richard. Frankie was intrigued from a very early age in the way that these 'Artist/Writers' structured and crafted their' classic songs. If you are unfamiliar with Frankie Miller, simply check him out on YouTube. The first thing that will astound you is his incredible, Soulful Voice. 

Rod Stewart a great Friend of Frankie's, says of him, 

"He's the only white Singer that ever brought a tear to my eye'

FRANKIE THE WRITER: As well as Rod, Elton John, The Eagles, Joe Cocker, Roy Orbison, Cher, Willie Nelson, Paul Carrack, Etta James, Johnny Cash, Bob Seger, Travelling Wilburys, Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp, The Everly Brothers and Ray Charles are just some of the other incredible – over one hundred and fifty in all – Internationally renowned Artistes who have covered and indeed, had Hits with Frankie's great songs.