Davey Pattison Band

Davey Pattison is a Scottish-American singer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pattison started his career in 1969, and it took off after arrival in the United States in 1979, on invitation from Bill Graham, to front the rock band Gamma, formed by Ronnie Montrose.

Windmill Studios
As the first track kicks off,I know this album is going to be one of those exactly as it says on the tin, which for me is no bad thing.  Driving beat, boogie piano, harmonica and some stella guitar playing, wrapped around some classic vocals.  Have a Look At Yourself is the up tempo first track that takes you by the hand and has your fingers tapping and your ears looking forward to what's coming next. Davey then tells a wonderfully slow story of the title track, Mississippi Nights where I feel like I'm there, looking up at the stars on the edge of the big river, drinking beer and squashing mozzies on my neck, that’s one of the joys of music I love, it can transport you to a different time and place, from Essex to the deep southern delta. Next track,Daydreaming keeps me there, without any fanfare, the keys on this song are so well woven with the guitar and vocals, it’s as if they're one instrument.  Hitting the fourth song, Feel Like Screaming I'm completely under the spell of this story being told, as the slide guitar cries, I can feel the anguish, I take back what I said about being exactly as it says on the tin. Davey and the gang are more complex than that, I’m getting from the songs that he went from heartbreak to desire as the next two tunes, I Got The Hots For You and Pretty One suggest a newfound love.  Houston Street Blues is a swampy song that fits in very nicely and my only regret about it is, it's not longer and I feel the same about the album as there's only two more tracks to go, nine in all. This album is easy to listen to, this is good, old-school blues. 


Backstage at The Green Hotel, Kinross
All Ages
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